The Wizard Plate

The Wizard Plate is awarded annually to the junior swimmer (U/16 AOD) breaking the most County records during the calendar year.


The Wizard Plate


2020 / 2021 combined



Number of Records Broken

 Harvey Freeman  NSC  2 
 Archie Evans  CASC  2
 Pia Summers-Newton  NSC  2
 Chloe Goodridge  NSC  2
 Andrea Morales  NSC  2
 Thomas Currie  NSC  2
 Chloe Tangayi  NSC  1
 Nya Wilkinson  NSC  1
 Evie Matthews  NSC  1
 Emily Achurch  NSC  1
 Ruben Snelson  DDSC  1
 Ryan Cory  DDSC  1
 Matthew Natawidjaja  DDSC  1
Jack Coptcoat  DDSC  1
Annabel Mullooly  NSC  1
 Bobbi Harper  NSC  1
 Anna Johnson  NSC  1

The competition runs from the 1st January to the 31st December each year